Original Chooketeria self service feeders are designed and manufactured in Dairy Flat on the Hibiscus Coast, 35kms North of Auckland CBD in the upper North Island of New Zealand.

We’ve been lucky enough to live in Dairy Flat since 1995 and have no desire to live anywhere else. We are surrounded by native bush on one side and wonderful views across rolling farm and lifestyle country out to The Hauraki Gulf and Little Barrier Island on the other.

Ruth and I started keeping chickens as a way to self sufficiency but our little flock grew quite large very quickly as we starting rescuing more chooks that were dumped on roadsides and in parks. The only problem was that we weren’t just feeding our own large flock but it seemed like every wild bird and rodent in the county. Every time we stepped out of the door there was a woosh as a cloud of sparrows took to the surrounding trees, shrubs, fences, roof and washing line. Apart from streaking everything with bird droppings they were eating about 40% of our expensive pellets and grain. The engineer in me couldn’t let that continue so I set about making a wooden box with a step so our chooks could open the lid when hungry, but, the wild freeloaders couldn’t. After a lot of time observing the flock using it and many alterations we developed the first timber Chooketerias.

Our local stockfeed store heard about it and before we knew it they were selling them as fast as we could make them.

We started to sell on a New Zealand on-line trading site and they really took off. In 2015 we combined with One Stop Cutting Shop in Silverdale to produce laser cut and CNC folded Chooketeria’s. The CNC accuracy of laser cutting and folding combined with the use of stainless steel fittings has made the Chooketerias the most durable chicken feeder on the market.

We have been very lucky to have such good suppliers and the best resellers you could wish for, they really supported us to get this little business off the ground. 

A lot of time is spent watching our chooks using our feeders and we continually tweek the design to make it better. We are able to take great pride in knowing they are one of the best chicken feeders on the market because of our research and experience. They are the original Chooketerias and not a copy of anyone else’s design.

We are very keen our feeders are of the best quality and we are always happy to get feedback to improve our products. All Chooketeria are guaranteed and we’ll replace any damaged parts or make repairs no matter what - you’ll only pay for freight.