How many chooks do they feed?

Working on 125gms of pellets a day, per laying hen, 8 hens should get 5 days from a full Chooketeria and twice that from an All-Rounder.

What are they made of and how big are they?

Our feeders are made from 1.2 mm aluminum and laser cut for accuracy. We use stainless steel fasteners and alloy rivets. The aluminum step has 3M Safety-Walk traction system for grip. Chooketerias take the most adverse weather conditions and still keep your chicken’s feed perfectly dry. The only maintenance required is a good scrub from time to time and an occasional drop of oil on the moving parts.

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What size chicken can open it?

Small true bantams like the sebrights you see on the gallery pages can easily open them. Chooketerias are also feeding geese, pheasants, Weka and guinea fowl

How much do they hold?

A Chooketeria holds approximately 5kgs (11lbs) and the All-Rounder 10kgs (22lbs)

Why double sided

We noticed when our standard Chooketeria was crowded the chooks that couldn’t get in automatically went around the back in search of a feed. We’d wanted to make a bigger feeder and our chickens showed us the way to do it. That should also answer the question of why we called it the All-Rounder.

What happens if a chicken is feeding from the side when the lid closes?

Not much, play the movie below.

There are now thousands of our Chooketeria safely feeding chickens all over the world.

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